Saint-Armand: A Hidden Gem in Quebec

Saint-Armand is a small community located in the Brome-Missisquoi region of Quebec, Canada. This charming village is known for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Whether you are a nature lover, history buff, or simply looking for a peaceful getaway, Saint-Armand has something to offer for everyone.


  • The Missisquoi River: This scenic river runs through the heart of Saint-Armand and offers visitors the opportunity to go kayaking, canoeing, or fishing.
  • The Saint-Armand Heritage Trail: This trail takes visitors on a journey through the history of the village, showcasing its unique architecture and landmarks.
  • The Saint-Armand Nature Reserve: This protected area is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including rare species such as the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake.
  • The Saint-Armand Cheese Factory: This local cheese factory produces a variety of artisanal cheeses using traditional methods.
  • The Saint-Armand Farmers' Market: This weekly market offers visitors the chance to sample fresh produce and artisanal products from local vendors.
  • The Saint-Armand Arts Centre: This cultural hub hosts a variety of exhibitions, workshops, and performances throughout the year.

Natural Wonders

  • The Sutton Mountains: This range of mountains offers visitors breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and is a popular destination for hiking and skiing.
  • The Lake Champlain Islands: These islands are located just a short drive from Saint-Armand and offer visitors the chance to explore the natural beauty of the region.
  • The Green Mountains: This range of mountains is located just across the border in Vermont and offers visitors the opportunity to go hiking, skiing, or snowboarding.


  • The Saint-Armand International Festival: This annual festival celebrates the cultural diversity of the village and features live music, food, and dance performances.
  • The Saint-Armand Maple Festival: This festival celebrates the region's rich maple syrup heritage and features a variety of maple-themed activities and products.


Saint-Armand was established in 1796 by Loyalist settlers who had fled the United States following the American Revolution. The village was officially incorporated in 1855 and was named after Armand de Mestral, a prominent local landowner. Over the years, Saint-Armand has played an important role in the region's agricultural and industrial development, and today it is a thriving community that is proud of its rich history and cultural heritage.


Saint-Armand is a hidden gem in Quebec that offers visitors a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or an exciting adventure, this charming village has something to offer for everyone.


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