Ormstown, Quebec Canada

Discover Ormstown, Quebec: A Blend of History and Charm

Ormstown, Quebec, is a picturesque municipality nestled on the Chateauguay River in the heart of the Chateauguay Valley. Approximately an hour southwest of Montreal and 20 minutes north of New York State, Ormstown is a charming blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. As of the 2021 Canadian census, the town boasts a population of 3,917.

Education and Recreation in Ormstown, Quebec

Ormstown is home to two elementary schools, a high school (Chateauguay Valley Regional), and two adult education facilities. The town also offers several restaurants, churches, and unique shopping experiences, including numerous antique dealers and gift shops.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Ormstown offers a park north of the town center, home to the urban legend of Ormstown Beach, memorialized in the 1970s with "I've been to Ormstown Beach" bumper stickers. Cycling along the Chateauguay River is a popular summer activity, and the town also features traces of an old dam, once the power source for the mill.

The Rich History of Ormstown, Quebec

Settlement in Ormstown began in the early 19th century, with the area populated by people from Scotland and the north of Ireland by 1820. The origin of the name Ormstown remains uncertain, possibly a distortion of "Ormiston", a Scottish village.

The town saw significant development in the 19th century, with the establishment of a sawmill in 1808, a Presbyterian church in 1829, an Anglican church in 1832, and the Ormstown Post Office in 1836. The Catholic parish was established in 1846 under the name Saint-Malachie-d'Ormstown, in honor of Saint Malachy.

Ormstown became a significant site for a microwave radio relay station in the 1950s, part of the Trans Canada Telephone System. In 2000, the village municipality merged with the surrounding parish municipality of St-Malachie d'Ormstown to form the Municipality of Ormstown.

Communities within Ormstown, Quebec

In addition to the main population center of Ormstown, the municipality's boundaries also encompass Tatehurst, a hamlet located in the northern portion along Route 201.

Lakes and Rivers in Ormstown, Quebec

Ormstown is blessed with several waterways, including Étang Greig (Greig Pond), Rivière aux Outardes (Outardes River), Rivière aux Outardes Est (East Outardes River), and the Chateauguay River, which flows west to east through the municipality.

Attractions in Ormstown, Quebec

One of the town's main attractions is the Expo Ormstown—formally known as the Ormstown Fair—which was started in 1910. Held annually during the second week of June, it is Quebec's earliest spring fair. The fair features several competitions, including farm animals, crafts, horticulture, and baked goods. Other competitions include a tractor pull, demolition derby, and equestrian events. The fair also offers carnival rides, arcades, a petting zoo, and live musical performances, attracting people from all surrounding areas.

Transportation in Ormstown, Quebec

Transportation services in Ormstown were formerly provided by exo du Haut-Saint-Laurent, but these have now been replaced by services provided by the Haut-Saint-Laurent Regional County Municipality.