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Discover Normétal, Quebec: A Rich History and Vibrant Culture

Normétal, a quaint municipality nestled in northwestern Quebec, Canada, is part of the Abitibi-Ouest Regional County Municipality. As of the 2021 Canadian census, this charming community is home to 778 residents.

The Historical Journey of Normétal, Quebec

The history of Normétal, Quebec, dates back to 1923 when zinc and copper were discovered near the Calamité River. Two years later, the Abana Mine Company secured the mining rights, leading to the formation of a new settlement. This settlement, initially named Abana, was established by families from Saint-Eustache, Portneuf, Bellechasse, and the Mauricie.

In 1931, the Normetal Mining Corporation acquired the mine, bringing it to full operation by 1937. The name "Normetal" is a portmanteau of "northern" and "metal," reflecting the town's mining heritage. By 1939, the railway and road to Dupuy were completed, further enhancing the town's connectivity.

Normétal, Quebec, saw significant developments in the mid-20th century. Street lighting was installed in 1949, and the following year, the mining corporation was taken over by Noranda, which later became Falconbridge Ltd. and was acquired by Xstrata in 2006.

The mine reached its peak production in 1956, producing 900 tons of ore per day and employing over 600 people. The town's population peaked in 1961 with 2519 residents. However, the closure of the copper mine in 1975, after reaching a depth of 8,000 feet (2,400 m), led to a significant population decline. Many residents moved to the newly opened mines of Matagami and Joutel. By 1976, the population had dropped to 1455. The Normetmar Mine closed in 1995, and a decade later, work began on rehabilitating the mine site.

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Arts and Culture in Normétal, Quebec

Normétal, Quebec, is not just known for its mining history but also its cultural contributions. The town served as the setting for the award-winning movie, "The Legacy," by filmmaker Bernard Émond in 2009. The film tells the story of a family medicine physician from Montreal who takes over the practice of an aging physician in Normétal, offering a glimpse into the town's unique charm and community spirit.