Mont Tremblant Resort | Mont-Tremblant Quebec | Ski Resort


The Mont Tremblant in winter - Devour the mountain!

With 94 runs serviced by 13 state-of-the-art lifts, the mountain dominates a stunningly beautiful countryside. Here, those who live for the great outdoors and love to breathe clean air have the perfect playground. A paradise where ski and snowboard enthusiasts are both spoiled silly: 18 acres of ramps, rails and jumps as well as an Olympic calibre superpipe. Taste the freedom, dare the mountain, live Tremblant to the fullest!

The highest peak of the Laurentians!

Just a 1½ hour drive from Montreal, you will find a majestic mountain named Mont Tremblant. Long before the arrival of the white man, the ancient Algonquin indian tribe named this imposing peak which dominated the landscape "Manitonga Soutana", which means: the mountain of the spirits. Word says any time someone bypassed the laws of nature or disturbed the tranquility of the area, the spirits would make the mountain tremble.

Discover "Manitonga Soutana" by yourself and get closer to the spirits!