Mille-Isles, Quebec Canada

Discover Mille-Isles, Quebec: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Mille-Isles, Quebec, is a charming municipality nestled in the Laurentides region of Canada. Part of the Argenteuil Regional County Municipality, it lies to the west of Saint-Jérôme. Mille-Isles is a picturesque community, set amidst the Laurentian Hills, crisscrossed by rivers, and dotted with lakes teeming with fish.

The Rich History of Mille-Isles, Quebec

The municipality of Mille-Isles, Quebec, derives its name from the old Mille-Isles Seigneury. This seigneury originally straddled the Mille Îles River, with the seigneury using the old spelling and the river adopting the modern word that substitutes a circumflex for the "s".

In 1683, the seigneury was granted to Michel-Sidrac Dugué de Boisbriand, who served as the governor of Montreal in 1670. By 1714, it was inherited by Charles-Gaspard Piot de Langloiserie and Jean Petit, husbands of Marie-Thérèse Dugué and Charlotte Dugué respectively, daughters of the first lord.

In 1752, additional land in the extreme north-west of the Mille-Isles Seigneury was given to Eustache Lambert Dumont. It is within this part that the municipality of Mille-Isles, Quebec, is located. The first settlers, hailing from Ireland, arrived around 1850. The municipality was officially founded in 1855, following its separation from the parish of Saint-Jérôme.

Demographics of Mille-Isles, Quebec

The linguistic diversity of Mille-Isles, Quebec, is a testament to its rich cultural heritage. The mother tongue of the residents varies, with 28% of the population speaking English as their first language and 69% speaking French. A small percentage, 1%, are bilingual with English and French as their first language. The remaining 2% of the population speaks other languages as their first language.

Mille-Isles, Quebec, with its rich history and natural beauty, offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and serene landscapes, making it a must-visit destination in the Laurentides region of Canada.