Le Gardeur, Quebec Canada

The Historical Journey of Le Gardeur, Quebec

Le Gardeur, a former town in southwestern Quebec, Canada, is now a district of the city of Repentigny. This transformation occurred as part of the 2002 municipal reorganization in Quebec. Le Gardeur is situated on the L'Assomption River in the Regional County Municipality of L'Assomption. It is well-connected to Montreal by Route 138, Autoroute 40, and Via Rail on the Canadian National rail line.

The Establishment of Le Gardeur, Quebec

The rural parish of Saint-Paul-l'Ermite was established in 1856, marking the beginning of the community that would later become Le Gardeur. In 1973, a municipality of the same name was created over part of the original territory. The region underwent a name change in 1978, adopting the name Le Gardeur. This name pays homage to Pierre Le Gardeur, Sieur de Repentigny, the region's first feudal lord. He was granted letters-patent in 1647 by the Compagnie des cent associés. The parish and its church remain active to this day.

The Geographical Layout of Le Gardeur, Quebec

Le Gardeur's main population is concentrated near the L'Assomption River in the southernmost part of the city. This area borders the rest of Repentigny and the Saint Lawrence River. The northern part of Le Gardeur is primarily farmland, but it is currently being developed into a suburban area. This development was furthered by the introduction of the AMT Repentigny-Mascouche Line commuter train in December 2014. This train, announced in March 2006, diverges from the existing Canadian National line onto its own right of way, heading towards Terrebonne.

Trivia: The Connection Between Le Gardeur, Quebec and Juneau, Alaska

An interesting piece of trivia about Le Gardeur is its connection to Juneau, Alaska. Joe Juneau, the namesake of Juneau, Alaska, was born on the territory of Saint-Paul-l'Ermite in 1836. This connection adds a unique historical link between Le Gardeur, Quebec, and the distant city of Juneau, Alaska.