La Corne, Quebec Canada

Discovering La Corne, Quebec: A Historical and Touristic Overview

La Corne, a municipality nestled in the heart of the Canadian province of Quebec, is part of the Abitibi Regional County Municipality. This quaint locale is steeped in history and offers a unique glimpse into the past. Named in honour of Louis de La Corne, a French naval officer who was wounded in the Battle of Sainte-Foy in 1760, La Corne has a rich heritage that is deeply intertwined with the history of Quebec.

The Historical Significance of La Corne, Quebec

The municipality of La Corne was officially founded in 1975 under the name Lacorne. However, in 1978, the name was corrected to La Corne, reflecting the true spelling of the French naval officer it was named after.

From 1955 to 1965, La Corne was home to Canada's only lithium mine. This underground mine, with a 150 m (490 ft) deep shaft and lateral workings on three levels, provided lithium to the glass and ceramics industries. With the advent of lithium batteries for electric cars and a myriad of consumer electronic products, the mine is currently being studied for reopening in late 2012 as an open-pit mine.

Demographics of La Corne, Quebec

As of 2021, La Corne is home to 322 residents, with a total of 382 dwellings. The community is predominantly French-speaking, with 98.7% of the population citing French as their first language. English is the first language for 0.6% of the population, while another 0.6% cite other languages as their first language. Interestingly, no residents reported speaking both English and French as their first language.

La Corne, Quebec, is a community rich in history and culture. Whether you're interested in the history of Quebec, the mining industry, or French-Canadian culture, La Corne offers a unique and enriching experience.