Hinchinbrooke, Quebec Canada

Discover Hinchinbrooke, Quebec: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Hinchinbrooke, Quebec, is a charming rural community nestled in the heart of the Châteauguay Valley in southern Quebec, Canada. As of the 2021 Canadian census, this quaint community is home to 2,187 residents.

The Rich History of Hinchinbrooke, Quebec

Hinchinbrooke's history dates back to the early 19th century when the first Irish settlers arrived around 1820. The parish was originally named Saint-Patrice-de-Hinchin(g)brook(e), or in English, St. Patrick Hinchinbrook, after an ancient country estate in Huntingdon, England.

In 1845, the Township Municipality of Hinchinbrooke was founded, only to merge into the Municipality of Beauharnois Number Two in 1847. However, Hinchinbrooke was reestablished as a separate entity on July 1, 1855. Since the dissolution of Huntingdon County in 1980, Hinchinbrooke has been part of Le Haut-Saint-Laurent Regional County Municipality.

The community's name was officially corrected from Hinchinbrook to Hinchinbrooke in 1993. On November 5, 2011, the township municipality changed statutes and became a regular municipality.

The Geography of Hinchinbrooke, Quebec

Hinchinbrooke is situated along the Canada–United States border, making it one of the two southernmost communities in Quebec, along with Elgin. The tripoint with New York on the Châteauguay River marks the southernmost point in the province.

Communities within Hinchinbrooke, Quebec

Hinchinbrooke is home to several hamlets and communities, including Athelstan, Brooklet, Herdman, Parc Davignon, Powerscourt, and Rockburn. Each of these communities contributes to the unique character and charm of Hinchinbrooke.

Lakes and Rivers in Hinchinbrooke, Quebec

Hinchinbrooke is blessed with several waterways that add to its natural beauty. These include Lac Moonlight, a small lake in the southwest, the Chateauguay River that runs along the municipality's western boundary, Rivière Hinchinbrooke, and Rivière aux Outardes.

Demographics of Hinchinbrooke, Quebec

Population of Hinchinbrooke, Quebec

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Attractions in Hinchinbrooke, Quebec

One of the main attractions in Hinchinbrooke is the Powerscourt Covered Bridge over the Chateauguay River. Originally built in 1861, this bridge is now a National Historic Site of Canada, attracting history buffs and tourists alike.