Grande-Vallée, Quebec Canada

Discover Grande-Vallée, Quebec: A Historical and Geographical Overview

Grande-Vallée is a charming municipality nestled in the Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine region of Quebec, Canada. Its name, translating to "Great Valley" in English, aptly describes its location in a large fertile valley where the Grand Vallée River flows.

The Rich History of Grande-Vallée, Quebec

The history of Grande-Vallée dates back to 1691 when Governor General Frontenac granted the area to François Hazeur, a prosperous merchant from Quebec City. The seignory, known as La Grande-Vallée-des-Monts, stretched from Rivière-Magdeleine Seignory in the west to the Saint-Hélier portage in the east. It was later inherited by Hazeur's son-in-law, Michel Sarrazin, a renowned surgeon, biologist, and the King's doctor.

However, colonization didn't occur until the 1830s when fishermen from Saint-Thomas-de-Montmagny occupied the place during the summer. In 1842, Alexis Caron and his family, also from Saint-Thomas-de-Montmagny, became the first permanent settlers. The mission of Saint-François-Xavier-de-Grande-Vallée was founded in 1846, and by 1872, the post office opened.

In 1927, the village was incorporated as a parish municipality, with Arthur S. Fournier serving as the first mayor. Its status as a parish municipality was officially recognized in 1995. In 2005, Grande-Vallée changed its status from a parish municipality to a municipality.

Communities within Grande-Vallée, Quebec

Grande-Vallée, Quebec, is home to several communities within its boundaries. These include Grande-Vallée-des-Monts, a hamlet located along Rivière de la Grande Vallée, and L'Anse-à-Mercier, a hamlet situated on the Saint Lawrence River.

Lakes and Rivers in Grande-Vallée, Quebec

Grande-Vallée, Quebec, boasts several waterways that pass through or are situated within the municipality's boundaries. These include Rivière de la Grande Vallée, a river that empties into Anse de la Rivière de la Grande Vallée. Lac de la Confrérie, a small lake located 5 kilometers southeast of Grande-Vallée village, and Lac du Rocher, a lake that lies just south of Route 132, also add to the region's natural beauty.

Demographics of Grande-Vallée, Quebec

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