Discover Durham-Sud, Quebec: A Charming Farming Community

Durham-Sud, also known as South Durham, is a quaint farming community nestled in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Located west of Richmond and south of Drummondville, this small community boasts a population of 1,008 as per the Canada 2011 Census.

The Rich History of Durham-Sud, Quebec

The history of Durham-Sud, Quebec, is deeply rooted in the 18th and 19th centuries when Scottish and Irish immigrants first settled in the area. These early settlers found the region to be ideal for farming, which has since become a significant part of the community's identity. Today, Durham-Sud is predominantly a francophone community. Notably, Éphrem-A. Brisebois, a significant figure in Canadian history, was born here in 1850.

Demographics of Durham-Sud, Quebec

Population Trends in Durham-Sud, Quebec

The population of Durham-Sud, Quebec, has seen various trends over the years. As of the 2011 Census, the community had a population of 1,008 residents.

Language Diversity in Durham-Sud, Quebec

The linguistic landscape of Durham-Sud, Quebec, is predominantly francophone, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the community. The 2011 Census data on mother tongue further underscores this predominance of the French language in the community.