Deux-Montagnes, Quebec Canada

Discover Deux-Montagnes, Quebec: A Blend of History and Modernity

Deux-Montagnes is a suburban municipality nestled in Southwestern Quebec, Canada. It is situated on the north shore of the Rivière des Mille Îles, where the river flows out of the Lake of Two Mountains (French: Lac des Deux Montagnes). This charming city is part of the Deux-Montagnes Regional County Municipality in the greater Montreal region and is located 40 kilometres (25 mi) from Montreal.

The Historical Roots of Deux-Montagnes, Quebec

The history of Deux-Montagnes dates back to ten thousand years ago when the Champlain Sea covered a large part of southern Quebec. The sea left behind the clay, sand, and peat soil that now lies beneath the city of Deux-Montagnes. As the sea retreated to the Atlantic Ocean, southern Quebec became a favourable area for hunting and gathering.

The name "Deux-Montagnes" (French for "Two Mountains") was given in 1674 to the lake bordering the municipality and to the seigneury north of the lake. The city was initially founded as the Village Municipality of Saint-Eustache-sur-le-Lac in 1921, became a city in 1958, and changed its name to Deux-Montagnes in 1963.

The Deux-Montagnes Library: A Beacon of Knowledge in Quebec

The Deux-Montagnes Library has a rich history that began in 1946 when Father Chartrand, the first curate of the newly established parish of St-Agapit, donated his selection of books to start a public library. The library was initially housed in the rectory, then moved to the church basement, and later transferred to the local Club Femina.

In 1978, a group of citizens formed a committee to create a public library, leading to the establishment of the Municipal Library of Deux-Montagnes. The library was modernized in 1997 with the introduction of internet access.

Transportation in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec

Deux-Montagnes boasts two commuter train stations on the Deux-Montagnes line: Deux-Montagnes and Grand-Moulin. Both stations are currently being rebuilt for use on the new Réseau express métropolitain network.

Community Associations in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec

Deux-Montagnes is home to several community associations, including the Deux-Montagnes Lions Club and the 4 Korners Family Resource Center. The Lions Club International, founded in 1917, empowers volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace, and promote international understanding. The 4 Korners Family Resource Center is a non-profit organization that provides English resources for children, adults, and seniors in the Laurentian region.

Demographics of Deux-Montagnes, Quebec

According to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Deux-Montagnes had a population of 17,915 living in 7,266 of its 7,463 total private dwellings. This was a change of 2.4% from its 2016 population of 17,496. The city has a land area of 6.08 km2 (2.35 sq mi), resulting in a population density of 2,946.5/km2 (7,631.5/sq mi) in 2021.

Sports Associations in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec

Deux-Montagnes is a vibrant city with a variety of sports associations, including the Deux-Montagnes Panthères Hockey Association, Deux-Montagnes Shamrocks Soccer Association, Deux-Montagnes Softball Association, Basketball Deux-Montagnes, Two Mountains Senior Soccer Club, Deux-Montagnes Cardinals Baseball Association, Centurions Deux-Montagnes, and Deux-Montagnes Coyotes Ringuette Association.