Akulivik, Quebec Canada

Discover Akulivik, Quebec: A Unique Inuit Village in Northern Canada

Akulivik, Quebec, is a captivating Inuit village nestled in Nunavik, in the northern part of Quebec, Canada. With a population of 642 as of 2021, this remote community is situated on a peninsula that extends southwesterly into Hudson Bay, opposite Smith Island, Nunavut (Qikirtajuaq). The village is approximately 1,850 km north of Montreal, offering a unique and authentic northern experience.

The Meaning Behind the Name: Akulivik, Quebec

The name Akulivik, translating to "central prong of a kakivak" in the Nunavik dialect of Inuktitut, is inspired by the local geography. The village is positioned on a peninsula between two bays, resembling the shape of a kakivak, a traditional trident-shaped spear used for fishing by the Inuit.

Services in Akulivik, Quebec

Despite its remote location, Akulivik, Quebec, is equipped with telephone and internet services delivered by satellite. While there is no hospital, a clinic staffed by nurses provides non-critical care. For more serious medical situations, air ambulances are available. The Kativik Regional Police Force is responsible for maintaining law and order in the community.

A Glimpse into the History of Akulivik, Quebec

Akulivik, Quebec, was officially incorporated as a community in 1976, but the Inuit have inhabited the area for thousands of years. The explorer Henry Hudson passed by the nearby island of Qikirtajuaq in 1610.

In 1922, the Hudson's Bay Company established a trading post at the site of today's settlement. The post was relocated to Qikirtajuaq Island in 1926. From 1922 to 1955, the area where Akulivik now stands served as a summer camp for Inuit families who gathered around the trading post. The post's closure in 1952 led the families to relocate to Puvirnituq, 100 km to the south.

In 1973, one family returned to the area, and many others followed the next year. Together, they built the village of Akulivik.

Demographics of Akulivik, Quebec

According to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Akulivik, Quebec, had a population of 642 living in 181 of its 204 total private dwellings. This represents a 1.4% increase from its 2016 population of 633. With a land area of 75.02 km2 (28.97 sq mi), the village had a population density of 8.6/km2 (22.2/sq mi) in 2021.

Transportation in Akulivik, Quebec

Akulivik, Quebec, is inaccessible by road and relies on the small Akulivik Airport – AKV for air travel. Ice begins to form in late September and lasts until late July, after which the Bay becomes navigable. Large items, including building supplies, snowmobiles, gasoline, and a year's supply of diesel fuel for the town generator, are delivered by ship. Thrice-weekly air service brings additional cargo, including food and services, to Akulivik.