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High quality translation and interpretation services The Highest Standards

Abide by and set high industry standards. Extensive network of human resources in more than 100 languages. Errors and Omission Insurance. Security Clearance. Our Translators, Revisers and Interpreters: Are native speakers of the target language. Are highly educated and trained in the field. Abide by a Professional Code of Ethics. Are screened and monitored according to recognized standards in the industry. Other Services

Revision/Proofreading/Editing Web page translation and localization Adaptation DTP - Desktop Publishing Translation

Every translation project follows a strict quality control and quality assurance process from initiation to project closure. Large project capability Notarized and Certified Efficient, accurate and professional Interpreting

Our high standards on interpreting are validated through our strict screening process and continuous monitoring of performance. Modes: Consecutive, Simultaneous, Message Relay, Sight Translation.

Benefits Improved communication Greater confidence from your clients Connect with your clients in their own language for a higher response and participation in your program Avoiding misunderstandings and save time and money Provide proper and accurate services Access to specialized services Risk management - communication issues are one of the highest sources of professional liability claims Professional confidentiality guaranteed Improved service performance Professional communication assists with the provision of client centered approach

About us Multi-Languages Corporation is a language service company which was founded in 1997 with the vision to provide superior language services and improve the industry standards. We are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We offer a wide range of language services including translation, interpreting, revision, editing, proofreading, localization, and content management.

Our team of highly educated and skilled professionals have extensive experience in the most varied fields.

We are committed to providing the highest quality in translation and interpreting.

Our company carries a multi-million Errors and Omissions Insurance policy for our professionals. This insurance has been specifically designed for translators and interpreters (American Translators Association - ATA Hays).

Our office passed the screening for Reliability Status Designated Organization (DOS) from CIISD (PWGSC); we are able to comply with all privacy requirements.

Multi-Languages is a Certified Translation and Interpreting Service Provider

Certifications Multi-Languages Corporation was one of the first companies in Canada to obtain the EN 15038 Certification in 2007 (European Standards on Translation Services), the CGSB CAN 131.10 Certification in 2009 (Canadian Standards on Translation Services) and the AILIA-NSGCIS Certification in 2010 (Canadian Standards on Community Interpreting Services)

Industry Involvement Multi-Languages Director, Lola Bendana, has been involved in the translation and interpreting field for over 20 years. Lola has been an active member in the different initiatives to create standards and raise the bar for both translation and interpreting.

Currently: • Vice-Chair - and Member of the Executive - AILIA -Language Industry Association) • President of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA). • Chair - AILIA Communication Committee • Member - AILIA Translation Committee and Interpreting Subcommittee • Member - CAC (Canadian Advisory Committee) to ISO TC37 SC2 WG6 (Working Group responsible for the development of international standards for translation and interpreting processes)

Formerly: • Member - Canadian General Standards Board Technical Committee that created Canadian Standards for Translation Services CAN CGSB 131.10-2008

• Canada representative of the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA). • Board of Directors - Healthcare Interpretation Network • Chair - Healthcare Interpretation Network's Policy Committee • Co-Chair - Multilingual Database Terminology Committee • Member - Ontario Ministry of Citizenship - MCI / College Connect Language Interpretation Training Curriculum Advisory Committee • Member - Critical Link Canada Standards of Practice and Training Committee • Organizer ACCTI Roundtable Discussions on Community Interpreting • HIN Education Committee (Interpreting Training)

Company Profile Mission Our mission is to provide outstanding translation and interpretation services while contributing to the growth and enrichment of the field.

Vision/Goal We strive to be recognized as the best in the industry for providing high quality, professional and client-focused language services.

Our High Standards • Abide by and set high industry standards. • Extensive network of qualified human resources. • More than 150 languages. • Multimillion Errors and Omissions Insurance. • Security Clearance.

Our translators, revisers and interpreters:

• Native speakers of the target language. • Highly educated and trained in the field. • Abide by a Professional Code of Ethics. • Continuously participate in Professional Development activities.

Values Quality Services: provides and monitors excellence in language services through its high standards and practices.

Integrity and confidentiality: a reliable and trustworthy organization that values your privacy. Confidentiality procedures are of utmost significance.

Client Centered Services: help our clients to overcome language barriers that could be limiting their performance and exceed their expectations throughout our every day excellence.

Respect for staff / freelancers: highly values the contribution of all translators / interpreters and respects their individuality. Values the diversity of its people and the paramount contribution they provide to the company throughout their comprehensive knowledge, talents and skills.

Socially conscious: understands the importance of diversity in the 21st Century. We are committed to the promotion of equal opportunity and access to essential public services for all Canadians. The elimination of the language barrier is vital to achieve this goal.