Map of Kitikmeot Region in Nunavut, Canada

Map of Kitikmeot Region in Nunavut, Canada

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Discover the Arctic Coast

The northern edge of the continent was long a frozen mystery to Europeans. Today, visitors can fathom the real magic of this historic and culturally rich region - its diverse people, majestic scenery and unique wildlife.

For centuries, seagoing explorers came here in search of a Northwest Passage to Asia. The people of the Kitikmeot have always navigated the Passage, in skin boats, schooners and motor vessels. In winter they travel the sea ice by snowmobile. Kitikmeot's mainland tundra is dotted with millions of ponds and lakes that are ideal habitat for nesting waterfowl. On a river journey in the Barrenlands, you can see wolves, grizzly bears, muskox, foxes and caribou.

Kitikmeot Experiences

Kugluk/Bloody Falls Territorial Park. Coppermine River. Ovayok Territorial Park.

source: Nunavut Tourism