Coral Harbour

Coral Harbour, Nunavut

Coral Harbour, Nunavut is a small Inuit community that is located on Southampton Island in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. Its name is derived from the fossilized coral that can be found around the waters of the community and the name of the settlement in Inuktitut is Salliq which means flat.

The only way to reach this community is by plane and the main transportation on the island itself (nearly the same size as Switzerland) is by snowmobile and dog sleigh. Despite the harsh climate there is plentiful wildlife around the island. Among some of the species found there are Walruses, Polar Bears, Barren-ground Caribou, Ringed Seals, Gyr Falcons, and (rarely) Peregrine Falcons.

The population is 712 according to the 2001 Census. Coral Harbour is the only Nunavut community that does not observe Daylight Saving Time, remaining on Eastern Standard Time year-round.

Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia