Henik Lake Adventures | Arviat, Nunavut

Henik Lake Adventures camp is located at 60'30' N, 97'35'W, on the shores of scenic South Henik Lake at the narrows separating South Henik and North Henik Lake.

The Henik Lake region is home to abundant wildlife including caribou, muskox, wolf, wolverine, grizzly bear and numerous species of small game and birds. The number of any particular species will vary with the seasons, see table below to find the best season for your desired adventure.

Fishing is fantastic; pristine arctic lakes, rivers and streams of this region provide ample opportunities for trophy northern pike, lake trout, and arctic grayling. We also provide heli-fishing excursions for arctic char along the Hudson Bay coast.

Our camp at Henik Lake is at the edge of the tree-line, fifty minutes (175 km or 105 miles) by air west from the community of Arviat, Nunavut on Hudson's Bay.

The lake is flanked by large hills to the west and a wide expanse of tundra to the north and east. It is often possible to spot game right from the camp location! To the north of South Henik Lake is North Henik Lake.

The narrows between South and North Henik Lakes are an important crossing and migration route for the Qaminirjuaq caribou herd. The Qaminirjuaq herd is one of the largest in the north, consisting of over half a million animals. The mass migration of these animals is a site to behold.

Ask us about our arctic photo excursions. The arctic landscape and wide variety of arctic wildlife provide world-class nature photo opportunities.

Our family has been in business for over 30 years in the Northwest Terrirtories and Nunavut. Combining this with our lifelong hunting and fishing experiences and that of our staff, we will treat you to a world-class arctic adventure that you will keep you coming back year after year!