Discover Westphal, Nova Scotia: A Blend of History and Community

Westphal, Nova Scotia, is a unique unincorporated community nestled both within and outside of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. This charming area is defined by Port Wallace to the north, Waverley Road (Route 318) to the west, Lake Major Road to the east, and Main Street (Trunk 7) to the south. Westphal is also home to the watershed and water filtration plant for the Halifax Regional Water Commission, providing drinking water to Dartmouth residents and surrounding communities east of Halifax Harbour.

The Rich History of Westphal, Nova Scotia

Westphal's history dates back to the late 1700s when it was first settled by farmers and known as Preston Road. In 1935, the Women's Institute successfully petitioned to rename the area in honor of George and Philip Westphal, two brothers and Royal Navy admirals born near Salmon River who often returned to the area.

Like its neighbor Woodlawn, Westphal remained mostly rural until the building boom of the late 1940s and 1950s. This period saw the establishment of St. Luke's Anglican Church in 1948 to accommodate the growing population. The church initially operated out of a poultry house on Tacoma Drive, then moved to Admiral Westphal Elementary School for two years before a dedicated church building was constructed in 1954.

St. Thomas More Church was established in the early 1950s near the junction of Waverley Road and the Eastern Shore highway. After the provincial government acquired the land for a new highway, the church relocated to the corner of Main Street and Caledonia Road, where it stands today. Stevens Road United Baptist Church, originally known as Westphal Mission Baptist Church, was founded in 1956, with its current building constructed in 1959.

Exploring the Neighborhoods of Westphal, Nova Scotia

One of the notable neighborhoods in Westphal is Tam O'Shanter Ridge, offering a unique blend of community and tranquility.

Run Every Street Dartmouth: The Westphal Segment

For those who enjoy a good run, the Westphal segment of Run Every Street Dartmouth is a must-try. The route is bounded by Waverley Road (up to Creelman Drive), Main Street (up to Mountain Avenue), and Mountain Avenue (up to Red Bridge Pond). This route offers a unique way to explore and appreciate the beauty of Westphal, Nova Scotia.