Upper Hammonds Plains

Discover Upper Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia: A Historic Community

Upper Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, is a suburban community with a rich history and a population of 1,840 (as of 2011). Located in the Halifax Regional Municipality, this community is nestled along Pockwock Road and is recognized as one of the most historic communities for Black Nova Scotians. The community was named after Sir Andrew Hamond, the 1st Baronet and Governor of Nova Scotia.

The History of Upper Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

Established in 1815, Upper Hammonds Plains was originally a settlement area for Black Refugees from the War of 1812. A group of 500 refugees moved to the area, which was then a 34-year-old logging and farming community. Despite facing numerous hardships, the settlers persevered, and by 1970, Upper Hammonds Plains was an almost exclusively Black community with a population of 500.

The community has faced significant challenges, particularly with land and water expropriation since 1974. The expropriation of Pockwock Lake to supply water for Halifax, Bedford, and Halifax County resulted in the loss of a sustainable resource for the community. Despite these challenges, the community has continued to thrive and is now connected to the city’s water system.

Community Infrastructure in Upper Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

Upper Hammonds Plains is home to the historic Emmanuel Baptist Church, established in 1822 by Rev. John Burton. The church, which underwent a significant expansion in 2005, has served the community continuously since 1845.

The community also boasts the first all Black volunteer fire department in Canada and a school named after Madeline Symonds, the first Black teacher to graduate from the Provincial Normal School in Truro.

The Pockwock Lake reservoir, the primary water supply for Halifax, is located in Upper Hammonds Plains. The community also houses a water treatment plant and pipeline operated by Halifax Water, a commission of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The Geography of Upper Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

Defined by Pockwock Lake, the primary reservoir for Halifax, Upper Hammonds Plains is bordered by Hammonds Plains in the east and south, Upper Tantallon in the south, Head of St. Margarets Bay and Mount Uniacke in the west, and Mount Uniacke and Upper Sackville in the north. This unique geographical location makes Upper Hammonds Plains a must-visit destination for those interested in the rich history and culture of Nova Scotia.