Timberlea, Nova Scotia Canada

Discover Timberlea, Nova Scotia: A Blend of History and Modern Suburban Life

A Glimpse into the History of Timberlea, Nova Scotia

Timberlea, a community nestled within the Municipality of Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, has a rich history that dates back to the mid-19th century. Originally known as Nine Mile River, the community was named after the river that fed several early mills in the area. The St. Margaret's Bay Road was routed through the community, leading to the establishment of several hotels catering to travelers and sportspeople.

In 1904, the arrival of the Halifax and Southwestern Railway led to the community being referred to as Bowser's Station, named after Angus Bowser who ran a hotel near the area's train station. The community was renamed Timberlea in 1922 to reflect the importance of the forest and lumbering industry. The Bowser's Hotel, a frequent stop for travelers, was sold to Mr. and Mrs. William Miller in the late 1920s and was unfortunately leveled in a fire in 1947.

Timberlea transformed from a semi-rural, close-knit community in the early 1990s to a mostly suburban community following several large developments. In 1996, Timberlea became a community within the newly formed Halifax Regional Municipality. The community has been represented by Iain Rankin of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party since 2013 and Councillor Iona Stoddard since 2020.

Exploring the Geography of Timberlea, Nova Scotia

Covering approximately 672 hectares of land area, Timberlea is located about 15.2 km from Downtown Halifax. The community is bounded by Hubley to the west-northwest, and Lakeside to the east-southeast. Timberlea is part of the Halifax Municipal District 12 and the Provincial Electoral District of Timberlea-Prospect.

The community is situated mostly within the watershed of Nine Mile River, which empties into Shad Bay, near Peggy's Cove on the St. Margaret's Bay. The western portion of Governor's Lake, and all of Fraser's Lake are within the community. The flora is predominantly softwood and mixed Boreal Forest, and the bedrock is granite throughout, with many outcrops including several areas of barrens which offer good blueberry and huckleberry picking.

Demographics of Timberlea, Nova Scotia

According to the 2021 Census, the population of Timberlea was 5,627 people, an increase of approximately 2.4% from the 2016 population of 5,497 people. The community's population density increased from 821 people per km2 to 838 people per km2, making it over 10 times as dense as the average municipal population density.

Parks, Trails, and Recreation in Timberlea, Nova Scotia

Timberlea offers a variety of outdoor recreational facilities and opportunities. The Beechville Lakeville Timberlea (BLT) Rails to Trails Association has converted 13 kilometers of the old Halifax and Southwestern Railway bed into a trail for ATV, cycling, and hiking. The Bluff Trail, a 30-kilometer network of non-motorized wilderness trails, branches off the BLT Trail at Cranberry Lake. Swimming is available at Governor's Lake, and Greenwood Heights offers a baseball diamond, basketball and tennis courts.

Amenities in Timberlea, Nova Scotia

Timberlea is home to Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Elementary School, located between the Greenwood Heights and Glengarry Estates subdivisions. In 2019, a new Sobeys store opened at Exit 3 along Highway 103 to service Timberlea, although the lack of public transit service to the store has been a point of contention.

Contemporary Issues in Timberlea, Nova Scotia

Discussions are ongoing about preserving a large area of crown land for a park near the lakes. There are also tentative plans for a community library and the construction and restoration of a "Fraser's Mill Museum", commemorating the saw mill at the source of Nine Mile River. Opposition to Highway 113, a proposed highway connector from Timberlea, has been fueled by the loss of wilderness area and increasing suburban burdens.

Local News in Timberlea, Nova Scotia

The BLT Insider, a monthly newspaper, serves Timberlea and surrounding communities, providing local features, news, and sports, and acting as a reliable local advertising source.