Saulnierville, Nova Scotia Canada

Discover Saulnierville, Nova Scotia: A Historic Acadian Fishing Community

Saulnierville, Nova Scotia, is a charming rural Acadian fishing community with a rich history dating back to its founding in 1785. Nestled in the heart of Canada, this community is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Acadian people and their deep-rooted connection to the sea.

The Heart of the French Shore: Saulnierville, Nova Scotia

Saulnierville, Nova Scotia, is home to the French Shore's largest fish processing plant, Comeau Sea Foods. Since its establishment in 1946, Comeau Sea Foods has been a cornerstone of the community, contributing significantly to the local economy and shaping the unique character of Saulnierville.

Historic Landmarks in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia

One of the oldest churches in the region, Sacré Cœur (Sacred Heart) Church, is located in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia. Built in 1880, this historic landmark stands as a symbol of the community's enduring faith and resilience.

Saulnierville, Nova Scotia: The Starting Point of Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie

The Clare Municipality Veterans Centre in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia, serves as the starting point for the Gran Fondo Baie Sainte-Marie. This mass-start cycling ride, held in late September, attracts cycling enthusiasts from all over, adding a vibrant touch to the tranquil community.

Saulnierville, Nova Scotia in Digby County

Saulnierville, Nova Scotia, is a proud part of Digby County. Its unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty make it a must-visit destination in the county.

Recent Events in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia

In 2020, Saulnierville, Nova Scotia, found itself at the centre of a lobster fishing dispute between Mi'kmaq and non-indigenous fishers. This event underscored the community's ongoing commitment to preserving its fishing traditions while navigating the complexities of modern-day challenges.