River Hebert, Nova Scotia Canada

Discover River Hebert, Nova Scotia: A Village Steeped in History and Charm

River Hebert, Nova Scotia, is a quaint village nestled on the banks of the River Hebert in Cumberland County, Canada. Located approximately 25 kilometres southwest of Amherst, this charming village is home to a population of 468 as of 2021. The village and the river both bear the name of Louis Hébert, an early French settler from Port Royal, who navigated the river.

A Glimpse into the Past of River Hebert, Nova Scotia

Until the late 20th century, River Hebert, Nova Scotia, was a bustling coal mining hub. However, the last mine closed its doors in 1981, marking the end of an era. Despite the closure, the village's rich mining history continues to shape its identity and charm.

The Vibrant Community of River Hebert, Nova Scotia

River Hebert, Nova Scotia, is more than just a village with a rich history. It's a vibrant community that's home to the 1442 River Hebert Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, founded in 1949. The village also boasts a school that caters to students from pre-primary to 12th grade, a public library, and a medical centre.

Attractions in River Hebert, Nova Scotia

Visitors to River Hebert, Nova Scotia, can explore Heritage Models, a popular tourist attraction that features scale models of local areas of interest. One such model is the home of Amos Peck "King" Seaman. The village also houses a gas station, which was once burned down but has since been replaced, adding to the resilience of this charming community.

Demographics of River Hebert, Nova Scotia

According to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, River Hebert, Nova Scotia, had a population of 468 living in 216 of its 245 total private dwellings. This marked a 3.3% increase from its 2016 population of 453. With a land area of 6.02 km2 (2.32 sq mi), the village had a population density of 77.7/km2 (201.3/sq mi) in 2021.