Porters Lake

Discover Porters Lake, Nova Scotia: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Porters Lake, Nova Scotia, is a charming rural community nestled in the Eastern Shore region of Halifax, Canada. With a population of 3,202 as of 2011, this community is a tranquil retreat located between Trunk 7 and Route 207, just 27.8 km from Halifax. The majority of residents commute to jobs in Dartmouth, Burnside Industrial Park, or Downtown Halifax, making Porters Lake a peaceful residential haven.

The Majestic Porters Lake, Nova Scotia

The community of Porters Lake is built around the lake from which it takes its name. This 19 km long lake, shaped like a crescent, is never more than a kilometre wide. The depth of Porters Lake varies significantly, with the south end averaging around 5 meters deep and the north end reaching up to 12 meters. One part of the lake even reaches a staggering 30 meters in depth.

Porters Lake is one of the most popular lakes for recreational boating in the region. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean near Lawrencetown Beach, causing the lake's salinity to vary from almost completely fresh water at the north end to nearly that of ocean water at the south end.

The communities surrounding Porters Lake include Middle Porters Lake, West Porters Lake, East Lawrencetown, Three Fathom Harbour, and Seaforth. Crowell Road and West Porters Lake Road run along the west side of the lake, while Hwy 107 crosses over the Lake and Hwy 7 runs north of the Lake. Hwy 207 runs south of the lake until just past Three Fathom Harbour.

Porters Lake Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Porters Lake Provincial Park is a must-visit destination located off West Porter's Lake Road along the west side of the Lake. This park offers a serene escape into nature's lap, making it a perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

The 2008 Fire in Porters Lake, Nova Scotia

On June 13, 2008, Porters Lake experienced a devastating forest fire that destroyed two houses, damaged more than 20 others, and burned almost 4,800 acres. Over 5,000 residents were evacuated from their homes and several major roads were closed for 3 days. The fire, believed to have been caused by a campfire, was fueled by residue from Hurricane Juan. It was the largest fire in an urban area of Nova Scotia, and the largest fire overall, in 30 years.

The Famous Streets of Porters Lake, Nova Scotia

Porters Lake is home to three uniquely named streets: This Street, That Street, and The Other Street. These streets became an Internet meme during the late 2010s due to their unusual names, being posted on multiple social media sites, including Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter. They were first discussed in a 2013 Huffington Post article, then shared in a list of the 41 weirdest street names in the United States posted on Mental Floss. Narcity also included them in a 2019 list of the 9 most unusual street names in Canada.

Demographics of Porters Lake, Nova Scotia

As of the last census, Porters Lake had a total population of 3,217. The community comprises 1,286 dwellings and spans a total land area of 91.573 km². This peaceful community continues to thrive, offering a perfect blend of rural tranquility and easy access to urban amenities.