Petit-de-Grat, Nova Scotia Canada

Discover Petit-de-Grat, Nova Scotia: A Rich Acadian Heritage

Petit-de-Grat is a charming Acadian community nestled in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. Situated in Richmond County on Petit-de-Grat Island, this small community derives its name from the Basque word "dégrat," signifying a "fishing station" or "whaling station."

The Historical Journey of Petit-de-Grat, Nova Scotia

The history of Petit-de-Grat dates back to 1718 when French fishermen first populated the community. These fishermen had survived a raid by New Englanders in Canso, Nova Scotia, and decided to establish a permanent, year-round village in Petit-de-Grat. The community initially comprised 10 to 20 merchants, each owning a few shallops and employing about a dozen men. The population at the time was 173, including 8 women and 20 children.

On August 8, 1720, a significant event occurred when 60 Mi'kmaq joined the French from Petit-de-Grat and attacked Canso. This raid was notable due to the involvement of the Mi'kmaq and set off a chain of events leading to Dummer's War.

In 1745, the village was destroyed by New Englanders, led by Captain Jeremiah Moulton under Colonel William Pepperell's command, following the Siege of Port Toulouse.

During the American Revolution, on September 22, 1776, American privateer John Paul Jones attacked Canso, Nova Scotia. He destroyed fifteen vessels and caused significant property damage. Jones then pillaged Petit-de-Grat and Arichat, Nova Scotia on Isle Madame, before returning to Boston.

Petit-de-Grat, Nova Scotia: Home to a Provincial Park Reserve

The Petit-de-Grat Provincial Park Reserve is a must-visit for nature lovers. Located on the west side of Petit-de-Grat, near Boudreauville, the park spans 646.20 hectares of land. It encompasses the Great Barachois, Mackerel Cove, and Presqu'ile Cove. The southern end of the park is recognized as a significant habitat for migratory birds.

The Petit-de-Grat Library: A Cultural Hub in Nova Scotia

The Petit-de-Grat Library is a cultural gem in Richmond County. It is one of three libraries in the county and part of the 10-library network of the Eastern Counties Regional Library. Officially opened on June 26, 1982, the library boasts a vast collection of French and English materials. In December 1996, the branch relocated to the La Picasse Acadian educational and cultural centre. The library's monthly circulation ranges from 774 (October 2016) to 3256 (May 2013), reflecting its popularity among locals and visitors alike.