Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia Canada

Discover Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia: A Blend of History and Suburban Charm

Middle Sackville, a suburban community nestled in the Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia, Canada, is a place of rich history and modern convenience. Named after George Germain, the 1st Viscount Sackville, this community offers a unique blend of past and present.

The Geography of Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia

Middle Sackville is strategically located north of Lower Sackville and south of Upper Sackville. Approximately 32 km (20 mi) north of Downtown Halifax, Middle Sackville offers a peaceful suburban lifestyle within easy reach of the city's vibrant urban scene.

The History of Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia

Before European colonization, the Mi'kmaq people inhabited the area that is now Middle Sackville. The community remained unincorporated until 1996, leading to a lack of planning that resulted in urban sprawl. This affected not only Middle Sackville but also adjacent unincorporated communities like Lower Sackville and Upper Sackville.

In 2013, the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) officially defined the boundaries for the three Sackville communities. This led to areas like the popular Millwood subdivision, previously informally referred to as Lower Sackville, being reclassified as Middle Sackville. These boundaries were based on historic accounts of the areas.

Middle Sackville also holds a significant place in black history. The area of Maroon Hill in Middle Sackville was once home to an early black community. The Maroons, blacks brought from Jamaica to assist with the construction of the Halifax Citadel and other capital works, temporarily settled here. However, they were later relocated to Freetown by the British.

Transportation in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia

Road Transportation in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia

Middle Sackville is well-served by Trunk 1, also known as Sackville Drive in this section. The community is bypassed by the four-lane Highway 101, which can be accessed via Margeson Drive meeting Sackville Drive at a roundabout. This provides commuters with easy access to the rest of HRM and the Annapolis Valley. Speed limits in Middle Sackville range from 110 km/h on the highway to 50 km/h on residential streets.

Public Transportation in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia

Halifax Transit provides service to Middle Sackville via routes 83 Springfield, 183 Springfield Express, 85 Millwood, and 185 Millwood Express. These routes replaced their predecessors in November 2019. There have been discussions about adding a commuter rail service to Halifax via Windsor Junction and the disused Windsor and Hantsport railway line, which bypasses the community. However, lack of political support regarding construction and operating costs in recent years have put these plans on hold.