Hubley, Nova Scotia Canada

Discover Hubley, Nova Scotia: A Residential Community with Rich History

Hubley, Nova Scotia is a charming residential community nestled within the Halifax Regional Municipality. Located on Trunk 3 between Upper Tantallon and Timberlea, Hubley is just approximately 15 kilometres away from Halifax. This community is a perfect blend of tranquility and convenience, making it an ideal destination for both residents and tourists.

Hubley, Nova Scotia: Key Statistics

Hubley, Nova Scotia is home to a population of 1029 residents, with a total of 348 dwellings. The community spans a total land area of 57.4445 km2, offering ample space for residential, recreational, and commercial activities. The area is dotted with numerous lakes, adding to the scenic beauty of the community.

The community of Hubley is primarily composed of three affluent subdivisions: Lake of the Woods, Sheldrake Lake, and Three Brooks. Other areas of Hubley include Birch Bear Woods and Five Island Lake Estates, which are smaller areas located near Three Brooks.

Hubley, Nova Scotia: A Community Rich in Amenities

Hubley, Nova Scotia is not just a residential community, but also a hub of various amenities. The former Sir John A. Macdonald High School, established in 1969, is located in Hubley. In 2006, the building became Five Bridges Junior High School following the opening of a new high school in Tantallon.

The community also houses Hubley Pizza, a popular corner store that serves as a go-to spot for locals. For outdoor enthusiasts, the BLT Trail runs through Hubley, primarily parallel to St Margaret's Bay Road, offering a perfect setting for hiking and nature walks.

The Lakes of Hubley, Nova Scotia

Hubley, Nova Scotia is known for its numerous lakes, making it a paradise for nature lovers. The area boasts of Sheldrake Lake, Upper Sheldrake Lake, Fredrick Lake, and Big Hubley Lake. These lakes not only enhance the natural beauty of the community but also offer various recreational opportunities.

In conclusion, Hubley, Nova Scotia is a community that offers a perfect blend of residential comfort, natural beauty, and rich history. Whether you're a resident or a tourist, Hubley has something to offer for everyone.