Head of Jeddore, Nova Scotia Canada

Discover the Charm of Head of Jeddore, Nova Scotia

Head of Jeddore, a rural community in the Halifax Regional Municipality, is nestled on Trunk 7 on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. This quaint community is just 47.06 kilometers from Downtown Halifax, making it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Rich History of Head of Jeddore, Nova Scotia

The Battle at Winnepang (Jeddore Harbour)

In July 1722, the Abenaki tribe created a blockade around Annapolis Royal, the capital of Nova Scotia, in an attempt to starve it. They captured eighteen fishing vessels and took prisoners between present-day Yarmouth and Canso, and from the Bay of Fundy. In response, Lieutenant Governor John Doucett took 22 Mi'kmaq hostages at Annapolis Royal, and Massachusetts declared war on the Abenaki.

During Dummer's War, Governor Richard Philipps commissioned Captains John Eliot and John Robinson to protect the fishery at Canso and retrieve the captured vessels and prisoners. In a surprise attack, Capt. Eliot engaged in a two-hour naval battle with forty natives on a ship at Winnepang (present-day Jeddore Harbour). The battle ended with thirty-five natives killed and fifteen prisoners rescued.

Raids on Jeddore

In 1753, the Mi'kmaq at West Jeddore reported English fishermen raiding the supplies they received from the government. Following one such raid, the English vessel was wrecked on the rocks. While the Mi'kmaq reportedly cared for the English, the English were reported to have killed seven Mi'kmaq for their scalps.

Festivals in Head of Jeddore, Nova Scotia

Head of Jeddore was once the host of the annual Pirates of Jeddore Festival in September, a lively event that added to the community's charm.

Demographics of Head of Jeddore, Nova Scotia

Head of Jeddore is a small community with a population of 480. The community is home to 144 dwellings, spread across a total land area of 3.4304 km².

Navigating Head of Jeddore, Nova Scotia

Visitors to Head of Jeddore can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia, explore the rich history of the area, and immerse themselves in the local culture. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or just looking for a peaceful getaway, Head of Jeddore, Nova Scotia has something for everyone.