Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia Canada

Discover Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Barrington Passage is a charming community nestled in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It is situated within the Municipality of the District of Barrington in Shelburne County. The community is named after William Barrington, the 2nd Viscount Barrington, adding a touch of historical significance to its name.

The Rich History of Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia

The history of Barrington Passage is deeply rooted in the cultures of the Mi'kmaq and Acadians. The Mi'kmaq named the area "Ministiguish" or "Ministegkek," which translates to "he has gone for it." On the other hand, the Acadians referred to the area as "La Passage."

In 1760, the area became a new home for eighty families from Cape Cod and Nantucket, Massachusetts. Despite experiencing significant growth over the past decade, Barrington Passage has faced economic challenges due to a shortage of lobster, the community's primary industry.

The Causeway to Cape Sable Island: A Landmark in Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia

In 1949, a causeway was opened to replace the ferry service to Cape Sable Island, located just south of Barrington Passage. The ferry had to navigate through heavy currents, making the causeway a much-needed improvement. A bridge was considered but ultimately rejected.

Since the causeway's construction, sand has been accumulating on its east side, creating a beach on Cape Sable Island that is nearly connected to the mainland. This beach is known as North East Point Beach, adding to the natural attractions that Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia, has to offer.

Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia, is a community that beautifully blends history and natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique travel experience.