Mackenzie Valley Region in Northwest Territories, Canada

Map of Mackenzie Valley Region in Northwest Territories, Canada

Mackenzie Valley | Travel & Tourism Information Guide

Connect with the northern heartland

The kilometre-wide Mackenzie River is the heart of this Northwest Territories destination, accessible only by air. Giant Great Bear Lake - called Sahtu in the aboriginal language - exerts a pull to the east. Major-league fishing is the vacation lure for many visitors. A strong aboriginal culture offers unique insights at Deline. To the west, outfitters will escort you into the Mackenzie Mountains, for the hunting or hiking adventure of a lifetime. Or set out on a hiking trip following the rugged Canol Trail into the Mackenzie Mountains.

Tiny, picturesque valley communities began as fur-trading posts, during the heyday of the Hudson's Bay Company. Some still sport vestiges of that era, including heritage churches and old Bay buildings. Now, in a unique land settlement, each small village is master of its own destiny. In contrast to surrounding communities, Norman Wells is the bustling travel centre of the Mackenzie Valley. Here, where the first oil well was drilled almost a century ago, you can learn the fascinating story of a joint US and Canadian effort to develop a northern resource.

source: Northwest Territories Tourism