Map of Arctic Coast Region in Northwest Territories, Canada

Map of Arctic Coast Region in Northwest Territories, Canada

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Drive the Dempster to the Arctic

Live the Arctic legend, north of the Arctic Circle, where the Dempster Highway ends and the Mackenzie River meets the Arctic Ocean. This is Canada's Arctic, the way you've dreamed it would be. The Arctic Coast of the Northwest Territories includes the Mackenzie Delta, the northern coast of Canada and some of our arctic islands.

It's a land of scenic marvels - huge ice cored hills, called pingos, rise from the coast. Two new National Parks offer wilderness camping, canoeing and superb wildlife viewing. Travel out with our airlines, our outfitters and tour companies to see the Mackenzie Delta, the Beaufort coast, the Richardson Mountains. Drive the Dempster Highway, play a round of golf on an arctic island, visit a tiny artists colony, or in spring, drive our ice roads to the Beaufort Sea.

At Inuvik, destination of the famed Dempster Highway, aboriginal traditions are part of everyday life. There are festivals of art and music to draw you in. Today, there's the hustle of industry, too, as the people of the Northwest Territories prepare to build a gas pipeline to feed North American demand.

source: Northwest Territories Tourism