Sunny Corner, New Brunswick Canada

Discover Sunny Corner, New Brunswick: A Rural Gem in Canada's Northumberland County

Sunny Corner, New Brunswick, is a charming rural settlement nestled in Northumberland County, New Brunswick, Canada. This quaint community is situated approximately 35 km west of Miramichi, New Brunswick, on the northeast bank of the Northwest Miramichi River, directly opposite Red Bank.

Essential Services in Sunny Corner, New Brunswick

Sunny Corner, New Brunswick, is not just a picturesque locale; it's a fully functional community equipped with essential services. The community boasts an Irving gas station, a Royal Canadian Legion, a Lions Club, and a police station serviced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Additionally, the community is protected by a volunteer fire department and offers recreational facilities like a hockey rink. For the elderly residents, there's a comfortable seniors home.

The Evolution of Sunny Corner, New Brunswick

The former local service district of Sunny Corner derived its name from this very community. In a significant development in 2023, the entire local service district, including Sunny Corner, was amalgamated into the incorporated rural community of Miramichi River Valley.

The Hockey Arena in Sunny Corner, New Brunswick

The community's hockey arena is a central feature of Sunny Corner, New Brunswick. Conveniently located at 32 North West Road, the arena is nestled right between the NSEE school and NSER school, making it a hub of local activity and community spirit.