Rusagonis-Waasis, New Brunswick Canada

Discovering Rusagonis-Waasis, New Brunswick: A Blend of History and Charm

Rusagonis-Waasis, a former local service district in Lincoln Parish, Sunbury County, New Brunswick, is a Canadian gem that carries a rich history and a unique charm. The district was named after two communities within its boundaries, Rusagonis and Waasis. The community of Rusagonis was once referred to as Rusagornis in early references. Today, Rusagonis-Waasis is primarily part of the incorporated rural community of Sunbury-York South, with the remainder belonging to the city of Fredericton and the Capital region rural district.

Rusagonis-Waasis, New Brunswick: A Convenient Location

Rusagonis-Waasis is conveniently located 15 kilometers southeast of Fredericton and is near the community of Tracy. It is situated west-southwest of Oromocto. The district was once served by at least two railway stations (flag stops) operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Historical Communities in Rusagonis-Waasis, New Brunswick

The Provincial Archives of New Brunswick provides detailed descriptions of some historical communities within Rusagonis-Waasis.

Rusagonis: A Historical Community in Rusagonis-Waasis, New Brunswick

Rusagonis, pronounced "roo-sha-gor-nish," is located 11.74 km west-southwest of Oromocto. The Maliseet name for Rusagonis, as identified by William Francis Ganong, is Tesegwan'ik. The community was settled in 1784 and was a farming community with approximately 52 families by 1866. By 1904, Rusagonis had a post office, a store, a church, and a population of 75.

Rusagonis Station: A Historical Landmark in Rusagonis-Waasis, New Brunswick

Rusagonis Station, located 12.09 km southwest of Oromocto, was a flag station on the Fredericton branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1898. The settlement had a post office, a grist mill, a church, and a population of 50.

Waasis: A Historical Community in Rusagonis-Waasis, New Brunswick

Waasis is located 7.97 km west-southwest of Oromocto and 10.98 km west-southwest of Maugerville. The Maliseet name for Waasis, as identified by William Francis Ganong, is Tesegwaniksis or "Little Rusagonis". In 1871, it had a population of 125. By 1898, Waasis was a flag station for the Canadian Pacific Railway and a settlement with a population of 100.

The History of Rusagonis-Waasis, New Brunswick

The history of Rusagonis-Waasis is deeply rooted in its communities. Some residents advocated for changing the governing structure from a local service district into a rural community. Today, the district is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of its people, offering a glimpse into the past while embracing the future.