Riverview, New Brunswick Canada

Discover Riverview, New Brunswick: A Great Place to Grow

Riverview, New Brunswick, is a charming town nestled on the south side of the Petitcodiac River. With a population of 20,584 in 2021, it is the largest town in New Brunswick and the fifth-largest municipality in the province. Despite its size, Riverview maintains a small-town charm with its slogan, "A Great Place To Grow."

The History of Riverview, New Brunswick

The Petitcodiac River, where Riverview is located, was a regular transportation corridor for aboriginal peoples. The first known settlements were three Acadian villages, which were abandoned in 1758 during the Grand Derangement. The resettlement of what would become Riverview began around 1783 when settlers from Yorkshire, England, started farming in the area.

Riverview was officially formed on July 9, 1973, through the amalgamation of the three villages of Bridgedale, Gunningsville, and Riverview Heights. Harold Findlay became the first mayor, serving a population of 14,177. Riverview's first female mayor was Anne Seamans, who served until her retirement in 2021.

Demographics of Riverview, New Brunswick

According to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Riverview had a population of 20,584. The town's linguistic majority is English, with 90.6% speaking English as a first language and only 7.8% speaking French as a first language. About 27% of the town population is bilingual, understanding both English and French.

Neighbourhoods in Riverview, New Brunswick

Riverview is composed of six main neighbourhoods, each with several smaller subdivisions:

  • West Riverview
  • Riverview Heights
  • Findlay South
  • Gunningsville
  • Point Park
  • Bridgedale

Events in Riverview, New Brunswick

Riverview Sunfest is an annual festival of events that celebrates the incorporation of Riverview as a town and Canada Day.

Urban Parks in Riverview, New Brunswick

Riverview boasts several urban parks, including Caseley Park, Riverfront Park, Mill Creek Nature Park, Bridgedale Centre Play Area, Dobson Trail, Gunningsville Boulevard, Hawthorne Play Area, and Riverview Lions Community Park.

Places of Interest in Riverview, New Brunswick

Riverview is home to one of seven Nav Canada area control centres, the Moncton Area Control Centre. This centre monitors over 430,000 flights a year, 80% of which are either entering or leaving North American airspace.

Transportation in Riverview, New Brunswick

For information on transportation, see Greater Moncton Transportation.

Climate in Riverview, New Brunswick

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