Discover Pointe-Verte, New Brunswick: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Pointe-Verte, a community nestled in Gloucester County, New Brunswick, is a place of rich history and stunning natural landscapes. Once a village, Pointe-Verte has since 2023 become a part of the charming Town of Belle-Baie.

The Historical Journey of Pointe-Verte, New Brunswick

The history of Pointe-Verte is marked by a significant event that took place on January 1, 2023. On this day, Pointe-Verte amalgamated with Beresford, Nigadoo, Petit-Rocher, and parts of ten local service districts to form the new town of Belle-Baie. Despite this change, the community's name, Pointe-Verte, remains in official use, preserving its historical identity.

Exploring the Geography of Pointe-Verte, New Brunswick

Pointe-Verte is beautifully located on Chaleur Bay, 30 km north of Bathurst. The community's main industry is lobster and scallop fishing, reflecting its deep connection with the sea. Forestry also plays a significant role in the local economy, highlighting the community's harmonious relationship with its natural surroundings.

Demographics of Pointe-Verte, New Brunswick

According to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Pointe-Verte had a population of 865. These residents were living in 400 of its 433 total private dwellings, indicating a slight decrease of -2.4% from its 2016 population of 886. With a land area of 13.76 km2 (5.31 sq mi), Pointe-Verte had a population density of 62.9/km2 (162.8/sq mi) in 2021, offering a sense of community while still providing ample space for residents.

Language in Pointe-Verte, New Brunswick

The language dynamics in Pointe-Verte, New Brunswick, further enrich the community's cultural fabric. As part of a bilingual province, the community embraces both English and French, contributing to its diverse and inclusive atmosphere.