Neguac, New Brunswick Canada

Discover Neguac, New Brunswick: A Canadian Village with Rich History and Unique Geography

The Unique Geography of Neguac, New Brunswick

Neguac is a charming Canadian village nestled in Northumberland County, New Brunswick. This quaint village is strategically situated on the north shore of Miramichi Bay, at the southern end of the Acadian Peninsula. Located just 44 kilometres northeast of Miramichi, Neguac is home to a predominantly francophone population, with approximately 92 percent of its residents speaking French.

The Rich History of Neguac, New Brunswick

Neguac proudly identifies itself as the "Savoie Capital of Canada". This title is a nod to the village's rich Acadian heritage, as most Acadians bearing the surname 'Savoie' can trace their ancestry back to the Neguac area. The village's history dates back to 1757 when the first settlers, Jean Savoie and his family, arrived in the area. This was just two years after the Expulsion of the Acadians. In 2007, the community celebrated two significant milestones - its 250th anniversary and the 40th anniversary of its incorporation.

The Demographics of Neguac, New Brunswick

According to the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Neguac had a population of 1,692. These residents were living in 721 of the village's 781 total private dwellings, marking a slight population increase of 0.5% from its 2016 population of 1,684. With a land area of 26.72 km2 (10.32 sq mi), Neguac had a population density of 63.3/km2 (164.0/sq mi) in 2021. This data provides a snapshot of the village's demographics, offering insight into the size and density of this unique Canadian community.