Discover Napan, New Brunswick: A Community Rich in History and Charm

Nestled in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, approximately 140 kilometres (87 mi) north of Moncton, lies the quaint community of Napan. This charming locale is conveniently located near Chatham, a neighbourhood of Miramichi, and is easily accessible from Highway 11.

The Landscape of Napan, New Brunswick

The Napan River gracefully meanders through the community, with four bridges crossing the river at various points: Hannah Lane, Highway 11, Johnston Lane, and Highway 117. There was also once a crossing at White Lane. These bridges, once covered, have been upgraded to modern steel and concrete structures.

Once a thriving farming community, Napan's landscape is now dominated by residential dwellings. A smattering of small farming operations still dot the landscape, but much of the farmland has either been divided into building lots or returned to a forested state.

Community Life in Napan, New Brunswick

Despite its relatively small size, Napan is home to several key community establishments. These include the Carmel United Church, Napan Elementary School (K–5), and the Napan Community Centre. The latter has hosted the Napan Agricultural Show since 1992 and is the site of many community gatherings.

Organizations active in the community include the Women's Institute (the second to be founded in New Brunswick in 1911), the Napan 4-H Club (once the largest in Eastern New Brunswick), the United Church Women, and the Farm Women. A variety of small businesses also serve the community, including L.J. Patterson Sales and Services, Andrew's Fish and Chips, CARSTAR Miramichi, and City Limits Convenience Shell Gas Bar.

The History of Napan, New Brunswick

In its earlier history, Napan was home to several sawmills and grist mills, as well as a creamery. The community was originally settled largely by Scottish immigrants, many of whom had roots in Dumfrieshire.

The community was once known by its constituent parts, which at one time included Upper Napan, Centre Napan, Lower Napan, and Napan Bay. These various communities, although still known locally by these separate names, are more generally known as Napan.

Until the 1960s, the community was served by several one-room school houses, which local children attended until grade 8. These schools were replaced by the present Napan Elementary School. The majority of middle and high school-aged children in the community now attend Dr. Losier Middle School and James M. Hill Memorial High School.