Geary, New Brunswick Canada

Discover Geary, New Brunswick: A Rural Canadian Community

Geary, New Brunswick is a charming rural community nestled in Sunbury County, Canada. This quaint locale is often divided into four distinct parts: Haneytown, Waterville-Sunbury, Geary, and French Lake. Geary is conveniently located south of Oromocto and is bordered by the Oromocto River to the west and the C.F.B. Gagetown training area to the south and east.

Geary, New Brunswick: Home to Speedway 660

One of the most notable features of Geary, New Brunswick is its claim to fame as the location of Speedway 660, the largest auto racing track in Atlantic Canada. This major attraction draws racing enthusiasts from all over the region, adding a dash of excitement to this peaceful rural community.

The History of Geary, New Brunswick

The history of Geary, New Brunswick dates back to around 1810 when it was first settled by New Englander loyalists. Originally, these settlers named the area New Niagara. However, as time passed, the name was shortened and eventually became known as Geary. This rich history adds a layer of depth to the community, making it a fascinating destination for history buffs and tourists alike.