Douglas Parish, New Brunswick Canada

Discover Douglas Parish, New Brunswick: A Blend of History and Natural Beauty

Douglas Parish is a civil parish nestled in York County, New Brunswick, Canada. Prior to the 2023 governance reform, it was divided between the city of Fredericton and the local service districts of Estey's Bridge and the parish of Douglas, all of which were members of Regional Service Commission 11 (RSC11). Today, Douglas Parish includes the special service areas of Carlisle Road and Lower Douglas.

The Origin of Douglas Parish, New Brunswick

The parish was named in honour of Sir Howard Douglas, who was the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick at the time. This tribute to a significant figure in New Brunswick's history adds a layer of historical significance to the community.

The Rich History of Douglas Parish, New Brunswick

Douglas Parish was erected in 1824 from Queensbury and Saint Marys Parish. The new parish included parts of modern Bright and Stanley Parishes and extended north only as far as the Nashwaak River. Over the years, the parish underwent several boundary changes, with the modern boundary being finalised in 1973. These changes have shaped the parish into the community it is today, rich in history and culture.

The Boundaries of Douglas Parish, New Brunswick

Douglas Parish is bounded on the northeast and east by a line beginning on the Carleton County line, on the south by the Saint John River, on the west and southwest by a line running up the Keswick River, and on the northwest by the Carleton County line. This includes Keswick, Mitchells, Upper Shores, and Lower Shores Islands and part of Sugar Island.

Communities within Douglas Parish, New Brunswick

There are several communities at least partly within the parish, each with its unique charm and character. These communities contribute to the vibrant and diverse culture of Douglas Parish.

Bodies of Water in Douglas Parish, New Brunswick

Douglas Parish is home to several bodies of water, adding to the natural beauty of the area. These water bodies provide opportunities for various water activities and are a significant part of the local ecosystem.

Islands of Douglas Parish, New Brunswick

Douglas Parish includes several islands, such as Birch Island, Keswick Island, Lower Shores Island, Mitchells Island, and Upper Shores Island. These islands add to the geographical diversity of the parish.

Notable Places in Douglas Parish, New Brunswick

Douglas Parish is home to several parks, historic sites, and other noteworthy places. These include the McBean Brook Protected Natural Area, Nashwaak River Protected Natural Area, Push and Be Damned Rapids, and Sills Brook Protected Natural Area. These sites offer a glimpse into the natural beauty and history of the parish.

Demographics of Douglas Parish, New Brunswick

The population of Douglas Parish does not include the portion within Fredericton. The diverse population contributes to the vibrant culture and community spirit of the parish.