Debec, New Brunswick: A Hidden Gem for Travel and Tourism

Debec, New Brunswick is a small community located in the western part of the province. Despite its size, Debec offers a variety of attractions and natural wonders for visitors to explore. From parks and lakes to trails and festivals, there is something for everyone in this charming community.


One of the most popular attractions in Debec is the Debec Heritage Centre. This museum showcases the history of the community and features exhibits on local industries such as logging and farming. Visitors can also learn about the area's First Nations history and view artifacts from the Mi'kmaq people.

Another must-see attraction in Debec is the Debec Covered Bridge. This historic bridge was built in 1914 and is one of the few remaining covered bridges in New Brunswick. Visitors can walk across the bridge and take in the beautiful views of the Meduxnekeag River.

For those interested in outdoor activities, Debec has several parks and lakes to explore. The Debec Nature Park is a popular spot for hiking and birdwatching, while the nearby Debec Lake offers opportunities for fishing and boating.

Natural Wonders

Debec is home to several natural wonders that are worth a visit. The Meduxnekeag River is a beautiful waterway that runs through the community and is popular for canoeing and kayaking. The river is also home to a variety of wildlife, including beavers, otters, and bald eagles.

Another natural wonder in Debec is the Debec Gorge. This stunning geological formation features towering cliffs and a rushing waterfall. Visitors can hike along the gorge and take in the breathtaking views.


Debec is known for its lively festivals and events. One of the most popular is the Debec Summerfest, which takes place in July. This three-day event features live music, food vendors, and a variety of activities for all ages.

Another popular festival in Debec is the Christmas Craft Fair, which takes place in November. This event showcases the work of local artisans and is a great place to find unique gifts for the holiday season.


Debec was established in the early 1800s and was originally known as "Debeck's Corner." The community was named after John Debeck, a prominent landowner in the area. Debec was officially incorporated as a village in 1966.


Debec, New Brunswick may be a small community, but it offers a wealth of attractions and natural wonders for visitors to explore. From the Debec Heritage Centre to the Debec Gorge, there is something for everyone in this charming community. Whether you're interested in history, outdoor activities, or festivals, Debec is a hidden gem that is well worth a visit.


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