Burton, New Brunswick Canada

Discover Burton, New Brunswick: A Blend of Rural Charm and Historical Significance

Burton, New Brunswick, is a quaint rural community nestled in the heart of Sunbury County. This Canadian gem is known for its rich history, unique geographical location, and the variety of services it offers to its residents.

The Geography of Burton, New Brunswick

Situated on the Saint John River, Burton is located immediately downstream (southeast) of Oromocto on New Brunswick Route 102. As the shire town of Sunbury County, Burton is home to the Sunbury County courthouse. Its strategic location on the river and proximity to Oromocto make it a significant point of interest in the county.

Services in Burton, New Brunswick

Burton, New Brunswick, is a community that caters to the needs of its residents. The town boasts an elementary school that provides education for children from kindergarten to grade 2, with an average of 40 students at any given time. Older children attend various other Anglophone West schools located in Oromocto.

In addition to educational facilities, Burton also has a courthouse and a general store, Ultramar. The first gas station in Burton was opened by the late Mr. Bonnar, later run by his son, and sold to Mr. Finnan in the 1970s. It remained a full-service Petro-Canada until its closure in 2003.

The town's proximity to the Canadian Forces Combat Training Centre at CFB Gagetown means that noises from artillery, helicopters, and other military equipment are common aspects of daily life in Burton. This is especially true near Hamilton Road, which becomes a dirt trail leading into the training area, across a former military rail line now used as a tank run.

The History of Burton, New Brunswick

Burton, New Brunswick, is steeped in history. Of particular interest is an old homestead near the Burton Bridge, about which further information is required. Local accounts of the history mention a tree near the homestead used for an extrajudicial hanging in the mid-19th century. Several other aged buildings can be found in the area, including a mid-19th century house which stands across from the Burton trailer park on New Brunswick Route 102. The infamous hanging tree is located behind the Burton Trailer Park in the "Dead Woods".

The Sunbury County Courthouse in Burton, New Brunswick

The local courthouse in Burton, New Brunswick, while in the process of being decommissioned, was at one time the host of landmark historical trials in New Brunswick and Canada at large. Its historical significance adds to the rich tapestry of Burton's past, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts.