Rossburn, Manitoba: A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Canada

Rossburn, Manitoba is a small community located in the western part of the province. It is known for its beautiful natural scenery, friendly locals, and rich history. Whether you are looking for outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or just a peaceful getaway, Rossburn has something to offer for everyone.

Attractions and Natural Wonders

  • Rossman Lake: This beautiful lake is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and swimming. It is surrounded by lush forests and offers stunning views of the sunset.
  • Rossburn Submerged Forest: This unique natural wonder is a must-see for nature lovers. The submerged forest is a result of the construction of the Shellmouth Dam in the 1970s, which flooded the area and created a new ecosystem.
  • Rossburn Museum: The museum showcases the history of the community and its people. It features exhibits on local industries, such as logging and farming, as well as artifacts from the early settlers.
  • Rossburn Heritage Park: The park is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It has picnic areas, playgrounds, and walking trails. It also hosts events throughout the year, such as the Rossburn Fair and the Rossburn Winter Carnival.
  • Rossburn Golf Course: The golf course is a challenging 9-hole course that offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. It is open to the public and has a clubhouse with a restaurant and bar.

Parks, Lakes, and Trails

  • Duck Mountain Provincial Park: This park is located just a short drive from Rossburn and offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and fishing. It also has a ski resort that is popular in the winter months.
  • Riding Mountain National Park: This park is a bit further away from Rossburn, but it is worth the trip. It has over 400 km of hiking trails, as well as camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing opportunities.
  • Rossburn Community Trail: The trail is a 2 km loop that winds through the town and offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. It is a great place to go for a walk or a bike ride.
  • Rossman Yew Tree Trail: This trail is located near Rossman Lake and is known for its beautiful yew trees. It is a short hike that is suitable for all skill levels.

Festivals and Events

  • Rossburn Fair: The fair is held every August and features a parade, live music, and a variety of activities for all ages.
  • Rossburn Winter Carnival: The carnival is held every February and features ice skating, snowshoeing, and other winter activities. It also has a chili cook-off and a bonfire.
  • Rossburn Farmers Market: The market is held every Saturday during the summer months and features local produce, crafts, and baked goods.

History of Rossburn

Rossburn was established in 1903 as a stop on the Canadian Pacific Railway. It was named after John Ross, a prominent businessman and politician in the area. The community was officially incorporated as a village in 1913 and became a town in 1967. Over the years, Rossburn has been home to a variety of industries, including logging, farming, and mining. Today, it is a thriving community that is proud of its heritage and its natural beauty.


Rossburn, Manitoba may be a small town, but it has a lot to offer for visitors. From its beautiful lakes and parks to its rich history and cultural events, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat or an outdoor adventure, Rossburn is the perfect destination.


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