Murray Harbour

Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island

Murray Harbour one of many, situated near the sea An Island of much beauty to behold, on PEI, you'll see. Fishermen sailing out to trap, lobsters by the dozen You can buy it freshly caught, long before it's frozen.

On the wharf you will find, herring they just caught Clams to dig up by yourself, tastier than store-bought. Visitors come from afar, it's the vacation place to be Events happening everyday, a must for the entire family.

Amusements parks, Historical sites, with century-old landmarks Flea markets you'll find odd treasures, to captivate your heart. Relax awhile, rest yourself, have a picnic with an ocean view Let it sweep you up in splendor, beneath clear skies of blue.

Sit on the beach, drift away, as far as the eye can see Dream the dreams of many sailors, and ships that ceased to be. Listen to some fishermen and farmers, tell you tales of mystery How Murray Harbour Village was born, with antiquated history.

You might consider Cape Bear, to view the many seals Or ask about the Titanic, and the stressing SOS ordeal. Come visit Prince Edward Island, better known as PEI.

Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island Businesses

  1. Sunshine Farm