Rolphton, Ontario: A Hidden Gem for Nature Lovers

Nestled in the heart of Ontario, Canada, Rolphton is a small community that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure. From its pristine lakes and forests to its charming local festivals, Rolphton is the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the great outdoors.


Rolphton Dam

One of the most popular attractions in Rolphton is the Rolphton Dam, which was built in the 1950s to provide hydroelectric power to the region. Visitors can take a guided tour of the dam and learn about its history and operation.

Rolphton Fire Tower

For a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape, visitors can climb the Rolphton Fire Tower, which stands over 100 feet tall. From the top, you can see for miles in every direction, taking in the beauty of the forests and lakes that surround the community.

Rolphton Provincial Park

Located just outside of town, Rolphton Provincial Park is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. The park offers hiking trails, fishing opportunities, and a beautiful beach for swimming and sunbathing.

Rolphton Heritage Trail

For a leisurely stroll through the community, visitors can take the Rolphton Heritage Trail, which winds through the town and offers a glimpse into its history and culture.


Rolphton Trout Derby

Every spring, Rolphton hosts the Rolphton Trout Derby, a popular fishing competition that draws anglers from all over the region. The event features live music, food vendors, and plenty of opportunities to catch some of the biggest trout in the area.

Rolphton Fall Fair

In the fall, Rolphton hosts its annual Fall Fair, which celebrates the community's agricultural heritage. The fair features livestock shows, baking competitions, and a variety of other family-friendly activities.


Rolphton was established in the 1950s as a company town for the nearby Rolphton Nuclear Generating Station. The community was incorporated in 1958 and named after the Rolph and Horton townships that it straddles. The town was founded by Ontario Hydro, which was responsible for building and operating the nuclear power plant.


Whether you're looking for a peaceful retreat in nature or an exciting outdoor adventure, Rolphton has something to offer everyone. From its stunning natural beauty to its rich history and culture, this hidden gem in Ontario is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the best that Canada has to offer.


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