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One of the most scenic communities in Northwestern Ontario waits to bid you welcome. Nestor Falls, Ontario is located on Highway 71 North, midway between the border town of Fort Frances and Kenora. Nestor Falls main industry is hospitality, we are the gateway to the historic fur-trading water routes of the voyageurs. Today's traveler enjoys fishing for many species in Kakagi (Crow) Lake, Kakabikitchiwan Lake, Lake of the Woods, Pinus (Big Pine) Lake, Rowan Lake, and Caliper (One-sided) Lake. For the hunter, each fall presents an abundance of wild game to test your skill.

For those who are not anglers or hunters, Nestor Falls, Ontario offers excellent boating, canoeing, swimming and water skiing. The scenic stands of Norway Pine and the clear blue waters of Kakagi Lake give home to flocks of white pelicans, loons, ducks, cormorants, bald eagles, deer, moose and bear. You will also find the tumbling waterfalls which give us our name between Kakabikitchiwan Lake and Sabaskong Bay. The photo opportunities are numerous and access is easy, as they can be viewed from an overlook area just fifty yards from Highway 71.

In Nestor Falls, we offer the vacationer a respite from a busy world. Fish, hunt, shop our fine stores, take a sightseeing trip by air, explore our hiking trails, enjoy our restaurants and lounges, or relax at excellent resorts.

Nestor Falls, Ontario Businesses

  1. Allens Crow Lake Lodge