Photos of Gowganda, Ontario Canada

Gowganda, Ontario Canada

The community of Gowganda, Ontario is located approximately 580 Kilometers (360 miles) north of Toronto, Ontario.

Once in Gowganda you are in the great Boreal Forest that covers the northern part of Canada. Underlying the forest is the Precambrian Shield which was formed while the earth was in its molten stage during the earth's birth. Lakes and rivers break up the forest constantly changing the view.

Gowganda, Ontario is a tourism destination; it's in the heart of the lumber industry surrounded by forests and has now become a major platform for the mining exploration that is going on west of town. All in all a very busy town throughout the year but still retains the peacefulness of being in the wilderness. Gowganda is a great place to visit, in all seasons.

Gowganda, Ontario Businesses

  1. Lookout Point Camp