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Baffin Region of Nunavut, NU Canada

Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada
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Nunavut Communities
Arctic Bay
Cape Dorset
Clyde River
Grise Fiord
Hall Beach
Pond Inlet

Map of Baffin Region of Nunavut, Canada


Baffin Region | Travel & Tourism Information Guide

A Land of Towering Majesty
The brilliance of ice, the power of stone. This is the Baffin Region, a magnet for visitors with its mythic national parks and haunting echoes of long-ago peoples who came this way.

Baffin Experiences
In April, experience the Arctic from a qamutik (sled) behind an eager team of dogs. You can tour deep fiords or the tundra feeding grounds of Peary caribou. On some tours, you set up a winter camp, then watch the amazing aurora borealis.

A two-week sledding expedition takes you across the sea ice of Frobisher Bay to Meta Incognita Peninsula and into Katannilik Territorial Park. Your journey ends in Kimmirut, where you can visit the Katannilik Park interpretive centre or view jewellery and stone sculptures at the Soper House Art Gallery, for an unforgettable cultural experience. You'll fly back to Iqaluit from there. From the capital, local travel outfitters can take you to Illaulittuuq Outpost Camp, located approximately 112 km southeast of Iqaluit. Illaulittuuq, "place of seal pups", has been a traditional Inuit home for hundreds of years, and is the perfect setting for explorations of the land and culture. Set out from Pond Inlet to see mountains, glaciers, icebergs, and marine wildlife. Outfitters offer snowmobile trips to Thule sites, the floe edge or to bird cliffs on Bylot Island. Other activities include cross-country skiing, sea kayaking, and sport fishing, narwhal watching, exploring, and journeys in Sirmilik National Park.

source: Nunavut Tourism

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