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Map location of Evangeline Trail Region in Nova Scotia, Canada

Evangeline Trail Region in Nova Scotia, Canada
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Map of Evangeline Trail Region in Nova Scotia, Canada


Evangeline Trail | Travel & Tourism Information Guide

Explore the Land of EvangelineFrom the seaport of Yarmouth, the tides of Fundy rise until they reach a high of up to 16.5 metres (54 feet) at the headwaters of the Bay of Fundy's Minas Basin. The Evangeline Trail parallels the Fundy coast, passing through some of North America's earliest European history and the delightful villages and orchards of the Annapolis Valley. It's a journey that spans 400 years of settlement, a journey that will take you past fortresses, farms and fishing villages, a journey rich in culture, diversity, charm and natural beauty.

Phenomenal Fundy is also rich in natural history, particularly migrating shore birds, whales, shad and other marine life. In late July and early August, before flying non-stop to South America, over two million semipalmated sandpipers refuel on the mud shrimp exposed by the receding Fundy tides. The power of nature is evident all along the magnificent Fundy coast, with its world-famous tides and ever-changing landscape of rocky shores, fertile farmlands, salt marshes and broad sandy beaches. It's a naturalist's dream!

Travel through the picturesque Acadian fishing villages that dot the coast of St. Mary's Bay. Visit Digby, home port to the world's largest scallop fleet. Take a side trip on Digby Neck for some of Nova Scotia's best birding and whale watching.

source: Nova Scotia Tourism

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