St Anthony East

St Anthony East: A Hidden Gem in Newfoundland-Labrador

Nestled in the northernmost tip of Newfoundland-Labrador, St Anthony East is a small community that boasts of natural wonders, rich history, and warm hospitality. Despite its size, this hidden gem has a lot to offer to tourists who are looking for a unique and authentic experience. In this article, we will explore the attractions, natural wonders, and festivals that make St Anthony East a must-visit destination.


St Anthony East is home to several attractions that showcase the community's rich history and culture. Here are some of the must-visit attractions:

  • Grenfell Interpretation Centre: This centre is dedicated to the life and work of Sir Wilfred Grenfell, a medical missionary who provided healthcare services to the people of Newfoundland-Labrador. The centre features exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays that highlight Grenfell's legacy.

  • St. Anthony Basin Head Lighthouse: This lighthouse is a popular spot for tourists who want to enjoy the scenic views of the ocean and the surrounding landscape. Visitors can climb to the top of the lighthouse and take in the panoramic views.

  • Fishing Point Municipal Park: This park is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It features walking trails, picnic areas, and a playground for children. Visitors can also go fishing or whale watching from the park.

Natural Wonders

St Anthony East is blessed with natural wonders that are unique to the community. Here are some of the natural wonders that visitors should not miss:

  • Iceberg Alley: St Anthony East is located in the path of icebergs that float down from the Arctic. Visitors can witness the majestic beauty of these icebergs from the shore or take a boat tour to get up close.

  • L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site: This site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that showcases the remains of a Viking settlement that dates back to the 11th century. Visitors can explore the reconstructed Viking buildings and learn about the history of the site.

  • Gros Morne National Park: This park is located a short drive from St Anthony East and is a must-visit destination for nature lovers. It features stunning landscapes, hiking trails, and wildlife viewing opportunities.


St Anthony East is known for its vibrant festivals that celebrate the community's culture and traditions. Here are some of the festivals that visitors can look forward to:

  • St. Anthony Come Home Year: This festival is held every five years and brings together residents and visitors for a week-long celebration of the community's heritage. The festival features live music, food, and cultural events.

  • Viking Trail Arts Festival: This festival showcases the work of local artists and artisans and features live music, theatre, and dance performances.

  • Iceberg Festival: This festival celebrates the arrival of icebergs in the community and features boat tours, live music, and food.


St Anthony East was established in the early 1900s as a fishing community. It was incorporated as a town in 1964 and has since grown into a vibrant community that attracts tourists from around the world. The community was named after Sir Anthony Musgrave, a former governor of Newfoundland-Labrador.


St Anthony East may be a small community, but it has a lot to offer to tourists who are looking for an authentic and unique experience. From natural wonders to cultural festivals, there is something for everyone in this hidden gem of Newfoundland-Labrador.


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