Gods River Lodge | Gods River, Manitoba

Gods Lake which covers over 1300 square miles of pristine wilderness, is fed by over 40 rivers and streams. There is however only one outlet, the mighty God's River. This region is world renowned for it's trophy fishing in 5 species. Also recognized as one of the last virgin habitats for wildlife such as: bald eagles, black bears, moose, caribou, mink, martin, fox, and timber wolves.

The greatest variety Trophy Fishing in the World is found at God's River Lodge. It doesn't matter whether you are after Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye, Whitefish or Brook Trout, God's River Lodge has the best action.

Gods River carries the water from God's Lake over 250 rugged, untamed miles north to Hudson's Bay. This is the same untouched route through the wilderness that the Hudson's Bay Fur Traders traveled hundreds of years ago.

Visit our 2 wilderness outpost River Camps at Allen Rapids and Pine Rapids. Let us transport you back in time and provide you with the adventure of a lifetime.

Gods River Lodge has captured those moments in time and transformed them into a World Class Fishing Adventure. Dare to "Experience The Dream." You will want to come visit us again!

Gods River Lodge, established over 50 years ago, offers one of the most modern and comfortable lodge environments in Canada. We start working long before you arrive to ensure that every aspect of your trip is flawless. Our first class accom- modations are imitated by many. Our management team wants to insure that your stay is so memorable that you will remember it as the trip of a lifetime. Each of our cabins, designed for your total comfort includes deluxe bedrooms, central fireplace, and new rustic furniture are available for your comfort. A screened verandah allows guests the comfort of sitting and enjoying the remarkable northern sunsets of God's River.

Northern Pike - The Monster of the North, the Northern Pike, is found lurking in most bays. These giants can range up to 35+ lbs. and over 47 inches. When you hook into one of these creatures prepare for a battle that may take up to 45 minutes. Northern Pike in the 6 to 24 lb. range ( 34" - 46"). Are found in numbers so plentiful it is not uncommon to have caught and released 50 or more by noon. Keep some for shore lunch though, our cold waters produce a fierce nature in these Northerns that make any lunch break a welcome treat.

Lake Trout - The diverse structure of Gods Lake, with its many reefs and sharp drop offs and holes of several hundred feet, provides the ideal habitat for Lunker Lake Trout. Trolling in June and Mid-September has produced some 40+lbs. Lakers as they come up from the deep to depths of 8-15 ft. down. Later on in the summer (July & August), as the lake trout follow the cooler waters down to anywhere from 80-200 ft., jigging from the bottom with 1 1/2 oz jig heads has produced tremendous results.

Walleye - It all starts in late May or early June. Once the ice has melted on Gods Lake, Walleye is the word. You can catch trophy Walleye in numbers so plentiful you will wonder where they come from! Averaging in size from 3-7 lbs.(23"-30") with larger ones waiting to be discovered. As the water warms up in the summer months, the Walleye venture throughout the main lake and can be found in plentiful bounty. If mind blowing Walleye fishing is your mark, the Gods River Lodge will deliver.

World Famous Brook Trout - Gods lake has over 40 cold water streams feeding it, and yet has only one outlet. The Gods River Lodge is strategically situated at the source of the Gods River allowing us to offer you the best of both worlds. As a guest of Gods River Lodge you are located at the start of one of the best Natural Brook Trout Fisheries in the World! Many of the finest Brook Trout caught in the North America are caught right in front of the lodge either on boat or off the rocks in the rapids. Most evenings are punctuated by great fishing right in front of the lodge. Our strict catch and release policy on the Brook Trout ensures their protection for generations to come. Fishing Gods River with our experienced Cree Guides is a experience all must try, the extreme beauty of the Brook Trout's colorful marking and the incredible fight of these prize beauties make this a Dream come true giving you a memory to last a lifetime. Averaging in size from 3-6 lbs. (17"-22") our Brook Trout are unmatched in size. One of our record holders, over 11 ½ lbs. was over 30". The angling adventures at Gods River Lodge are superior to any other you have ever experienced.