Ole's Hakai Pass | Hakai Pass, British Columbia

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Ole's Hakai Pass fishing lodge

Ole's Hakai Pass is based on a floating fishing lodge, we locate it on the central British Columbia West coast where migrating runs from Alaska to California crowd through Hakai Pass (and right by our front door) from the open Pacific Ocean, headed for their home rivers and streams. The West coast of British Columbia, Canada is a world-renowned destination for saltwater fishing and outdoor enthusiasts!

We invite you to explore the West coast of British Columbia. Our sport fishing area includes an intricate network of coves, inlets and channels. This diverse eco-system provides Ole's guests with a spectacular marine landscape for saltwater fishing trips and exploring.

Unlimited salmon fishing on BC's West coast! Because we locate our fishing lodge on the migratory fish highway of the British Columbia West coast; many salmon runs from Alaska, B.C., Washington, Oregon and California come through our fishing area during the prime summer months. The nutrient rich waters of Hakai Pass entice migrating Chinook and Coho Salmon to linger and feed among the kelp beds and ridge lines. Book a fishing vacation charter with Ole's and you could be there waiting for them. Contact us for information and fishing charter availability.

Bottom Fishing and wildlife viewing is a bonus with Ole's. Halibut fishing and bottom fishing for Ling Cod and Yellow Eye Rockfish is a productive sideline for anglers in Hakai Pass. These popular (and tasty!) bottom fish, like the migrating salmon, also take advantage of the abundant feed in the area. Bald Eagles, Humpback Whales, Orca (Killer Whales), Dolphins, Sea Lions and Seals are also frequent visitors to our waters. So remember to bring along your camera, you'll be amazed at what you'll see at Ole's Hakai Pass British Columbia.