Map of the Alberta Central Region

Map of Alberta Central Region, Canada

Alberta Central | Travel & Tourism Information Guide

You can slow down and take it easy in Alberta Central. Life is just a little different here, because we take the time to enjoy it. After all, central Alberta is loaded with many of the best features of Alberta: rolling foothills, stunning prairie vistas, and lakes that make Alberta Central an outdoor playground.

Alberta Central is our heartland, with lush agricultural areas and communities that take pride in their history and culture. The small towns and rural communities of central Alberta will welcome you with warmth and friendly western hospitality at the many attractions and events held year-round.

Winter is Festival Season

From guided backcountry adventures to tea houses, winter in Alberta Central is a delight! The welcome's warm, so come on out and enjoy the exciting outdoor adventures, events and festivals.

A Birdwatchers Paradise in Alberta Central

What do spotted sandpipers, boreal chickadees and pileated woodpeckers all have in common? They all call Alberta Central home. Come and spend some time in Alberta's Parkland, where the prairies give way to lush meadows and plentiful poplar.

source: Provided by Travel Alberta